Grief Counseling: Is It For You?

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Processing grief is a process that is unique to each individual. Some experience a large range of emotions when grieving including a sense of meaninglessness, anger, relief, confusion about missing a painful relationship, regret, guilt, sadness and much more. Grieving behaviors are also unique and can include: crying, laughter, talking a lot, not speaking at all, participating more in physical activities like running, and much more. Each person has their own stressors, an event or experience that can cause stress, that can bring their grief to the forefront. For example, hearing a song on the radio that takes you back to a particular memory.

If you ever feel like you are not coping with your stressors properly or your grief is getting more difficult to deal with, try reaching out to a grief counselor or a grief support group. If you are not sure if therapy is for you look over the following list. If any of the statements fit you, you might benefit from grief therapy.

  • Do you feel uncomfortable with yourself or find yourself unable to function normally?
  • Do you feel like you have no control over your reactions?
  • Do you wonder if your responses are normal, or if they’ve gone on too long?
  • Do feelings of guilt?
  • Did you feel no grief reaction at all after a major loss?
  • Do you have a history of mental illness, drug or alcohol abuse?
  • Do you have anyone to talk to?
  • Do you feel like suicide is your only option to move over grief?

A grief support group is generally a group of individuals who discuss their grief and tell stories about their lost loved ones. If you would like to meet others who understand what you are going through, a support group may be for you.  These groups help those who need to talk about their feelings and find relief in reciprocal sharing. If you give a support group a try, do go to more than one meeting. See if you feel comfortable with the facilitator and the group of mourners in your group. If that particular group is not your fit, it is okay to leave and join another one.

If are looking for individual guidance, then grief therapy is your route. You can seek a counselor who will listen and teach you coping mechanisms to handle your grief. It is important to deal with your grief to move forward in life.

Remember, grieving doesn’t mean to “learn to forget someone” but instead learn how to “continue living without them”.