Dealing with the Unexpected Holiday Grief

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The holiday season may not be so jolly for most. At any time, grief can sneak up and magnify your emotions. The realization of your loved one not being there for another part of your life is difficult; it sucks. The question of “should you hide your grief or let it out” is one that needs to be answered.

How you choose to grieve during the holidays is up to you.

It is healthy to speak about the loved one who died.

It is healthy to lose your motivation to put on a cheery face.

It is also healthy to reminisce about the good times.

If you ever feel your way of dealing with grief isn’t healthy, talk to someone. Understand that if you need a day apart from everyone, take it. Just be careful to not completely miss the chance of creating new memories with others.

If it is painful to do old traditions, change them a little bit. You will not be dishonoring your loved one. In fact, you can add a new tradition to honor them. Adding or creating a new tradition has helped many to deal with grief during the holidays.

If you are grieving during the holidays, know that you are not alone. It is okay to feel weird going through the holidays without that special someone. After a loved one dies, everything changes. It is up to us to rebuild our lives and live through the holidays.