Advance Funeral Planning

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The thought of walking into a funeral home is terrifying. Most of the time you only set foot in a
funeral home after someone you know has passed. The days following a death of a loved one are
chaotic. There is a lot of planning that needs to be done for the funeral. Money must be gathered and
decisions need to be made within a few days. Often these decisions are driven by grief and guilt rather
than a sound mind and rationalization.
Advance funeral planning helps cut down the stress and pressure a loved one goes through when
planning a funeral. The best part about prearranging is that you get to pick everything for your own
funeral. From the music, to the clothing even the verses you want read and who to invite.
Prearranging is simple and truly lifts a burden from you family. Your loved ones will be able to focus
on you and your life. The pressure of worrying if the decisions made for you about your funeral
arrangements would please you, will be gone. By prearranging your funeral, you would also eliminate
the financial burden for the ones left behind and in most cases, save a significant amount of money as
The first step in planning your ceremony is setting an appointment with a funeral director. You do not
have to start planning right away, but this initial meeting will help guide you through the process and
look at your options.
The next step is deciding how much you want to preplan. You can decide everything from the music
playing and programs to flowers arrangements. Or you can just choose the most common items like a
casket. Overall you have final say on what exactly you would like to prearrange.
Advance funeral planning is beneficial for you and your family. Help your loves by contacting
McMahan’s Funeral Home to set up an Advance Funeral Planning meeting.